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Getting work submissions that are done in an unprofessional manner and copied from other sources can be very devastating to a student who depends on writing services to get their assignments done. They feel cheated and robbed of their money because when they hire writing services, they expect to get returns on the money they spend. The writing industry is filled with scammers who keep doing this to students. Students fall into their trap because they have no way of knowing the difference between reputable writing companies and scammers from the numerous companies that are on the Internet.

Students who often depend on writing services to get their academic writing assignments done, falling into the hands of sham writing companies that flood the Internet today can be a dreadful thing. This is because such companies produce shoddy work that is often plagiarized and written by unskilled writers that they cannot use yet they are forced to pay for it. Students find themselves in the traps of such fake companies because their searches return huge numbers of writing companies and they do not have a mechanism of telling which companies are reputable and which ones are not.

What we do at is giving students as much information as possible so that they can become educated consumers who know how to distinguish genuine writing services from those that are not genuine. We do this by enabling students to understand the qualities that reputable writing companies display. Among the things that students need to pay attention to when searching for a writing company is how that company communicates. The presence of telephone numbers and chat services is a good indicator that the company is reputable because it uses such avenues to provide its customers with support. The other important indicator that a company is genuine is the questions contained in its order form. Sham companies will ask for shallow information relating to length of write-ups, deadlines and genre. A genuine company will go further and ask about styles of formatting, your study level and the resources you want referenced.

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As a student, you also need to pay special attention to how the company website is organized and presented. Is the content coherent, and professional? Most genuine companies use native English speakers who produce professional content for their sites. It is important to also have a look at work samples and see whether the company allows students to talk to their writers. Genuine companies will usually allow this. How a company handles customer issues when the work produced is not up to standard is also important to check. This will show you whether the company is fake or is interested in its customers. Students should also read through any customer reviews available on social media or the company site to know whether the writing service is reputable.

A much easier way to tell whether a writing service is good or bad is to come to this site, Here, you will find comprehensive reports that we produce after reviewing the feedback that we receive from customers. Our reports show you how different writing companies rank on qualities that students value. You can watch short videos about leading writing companies and also find direct links to reputable writing companies.